Black Sabbath - Changes


                           I   feel   unhappy,           I   feel   so   sad,
          I've   lost   the   best   friend,     that   I   ever   had              She   was   my  
woman             I   love   her   so.              But   it's   too   late   now.
I've   let   her   go.
[Chorus]   x2
      I'm   go   -   ing   through   chang   -   es.
[Verse   2]
                          We   shared   the   years,           we   shared   each   day
         In   love   together     we   found   a   way,            But   soon   the   world
Had   it's   evil   way,               My   heart   was   blinded     Love   went   astray.
[Chorus]   x2
      I'm   go   -   ing   through   chang   -   es.
[Verse   3]
                               It   took   so   long           to   realize           And  
I   can   still   hear      her   last   goodbyes          Now   all   my   days           Are  
filled   with   tears             Wish   I   could   go   back      And   change   these   years
[Chorus]   x2
      I'm   go   -   ing   through   chang   -   es.
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Artist Black Sabbath Genres Rock