Backstreet Boys - Climbing The Wall

Close   your   eyes,   make   a   wish
This   could   last   forever
If   only   you   could   stay   with   me   now
So   tell   me   what   it   is   that   keeps   us   from   each   other   now
Yeah,   its   coming   to   get   me
You're   under   my   skin
No   I   can't   ever   let   you   go
You're   a   part   of   me   now
Caught   by   the   taste   of   your   kiss
And   I   don't   wanna   know   the   reason   why   I   can't   stay   forever   like   this
Now   I'm   climbing   the   walls   cuz   I   miss   you
I   haven't   tried   figuring   out   Howie's   little   bridge   cuz   I   can't   remember   how   it's   sung..
Now,   the   chords..
Asus:   x02200
Aadd2:   x02230
Dmaj:   xx0222
E5:   x4420(x)
Those   are   probably   not   the   correct   names   of   the   chords,   but   that's   why   I   marked   them   with   a   star.

Artist Backstreet Boys Genres Pop