Anders Osborne - Running

Chords   Used:
[Verse   1]
You   watch   how   I   struggle   with   the  
day   and   how   I'm   feeling
I   come   on   real   strong   I
rush   in   but   I'm   not   really   dealin'
Breathe   in   and   breathe   out
Slowly   let   life   just   sort   it   out
and   I   keep   on   running
I   keep   on   running
Afraid   I'll   run   out   of   time
[Verse   2]
Yeah   I   shuffle   and   I   scuffle   to
show   the   whole   world   who   I   am
When   the   only   thing   I   truly
want   is   for   you   to   know   I'm   your   man
Go   to   sleep   and   wake   up
nothing   that   I   ever   do   seems   quiet   enough
So   I   keep   on   running
I   keep   on   running
Till   I   run   myself   down
[Verse   3]
How   come   the   big   truths   get  
covered   by   a   million   small   lies
Hotdogs,   guns,   and  
flags,   and   the   4th   of   july
Yeah   we're   born   and   we're   free
I   don't   know   why   it's   so   hard   to   see
So   we   keep   on   running
We   keep   on   running
We   try   to   lay   ourselves   down
Yeah   we   keep   on   running
Keep   on   running
Till   we're   dead   in   the   ground
[Verse   Progression]    -   Strum   in   your   best   Anders   style

Artist Anders Osborne Genres Rock